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15 April 2020 | dataset

Cruise Report: Sea Education Association (SEA) Cruise, S-198

SEA Semester is a study-abroad programme operated in conjunction with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute that offers students the chance to combine an academic challenge with the adventure of an extended research cruise under sail. The 25 March to 2 May, 2005, SEA cruise of SSV Robert C. Seamans departed from Honolulu, Hawaii, sailed south through Palmyra Atoll and the Line Islands (Kiribati) before returning, 5 weeks later, to Honolulu. A wide range of physical, chemical and biological variables were measured during the cruise. Full details are given in the report, available for download under 'Online resources'.

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Publisher Pacific Data Hub
Modified 24 June 2022
Release Date 15 April 2020
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Identifier 6b0813d9-c52d-3c35-88db-6e7c1e237bf0
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Relevant Countries Kiribati
License Public
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