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10 May 2019 | dataset

Kiribati Population and Housing Census 2010

The National Statistics Office (NSO) strives and continues to support government by providing socio-economic statistics for monitoring and evaluation purposes through population censuses. These socio-economic statistics are also made available to other users such as the businesses, the churches, regional and international organizations. One of the main sources of demographic and social-economic statistics in Kiribati is the population and housing census. Kiribati has been carrying out population and housing censuses in a "modern sense" at intervals of about five years since 1985. This 2010 Census is the first census to use the GPS to plot the positions of the households.

The population census is conducted under the Population Census Ordinance CAP 8.

A population census is a fairly large undertaking involving lots of people and a significant budget. It requires elaborate organization and preparation and this is why it is necessary to start the preparations well in advance of the actual enumeration date, say two years or at least a year. Unfortunately, preparations for this 2010 census started less than a year before the enumeration took place. This is basically because of the late approval of funds and the uncertainty as whether the census would go ahead or not.

Version 01: Cleaned, labelled and de-identified (not anonymised) version of the Master file.

INDIVIDUALS: Demographic information about the people
HOUSEHOLDS: Characteristics of the households

* Collection start: 2010
* Collection end: 2010

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