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24 June 2022 | dataset

Kiribati, West of Betio, 1992, Coastline Changes, Base map #1

This record shows a Base map of West of Betio in South Tarawa, Kiribati. Due to frequent coastal erosion on South Tarawa, the map was produced to show the coastal changes that have taken place. Present Shorelines (1992) are compared to shorelines from 1943 and 1969. This Base map showcase West of Betio, Sheet 1 of 2. The map was drawn based on surveys and aerial images taken in 1969, 1943 and 1992. Shoreline data are from 1945 and 1953 surveys from Howorth (1982). A copy of the map can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate link under 'Online resources' with permission from the Secretariat.The objectives of the survey was to map coastal protection zones, investigate historical shoreline changes, wave studies, longshore sediment transport, determine immediate causes of shoreline changes, beach and offshore surveys, determine sand composition and origin and predict effects of developments on sand transporting processes.Coastline movements are recognized as an important hazard on coral atolls by the Kiribati Government. Therefore, mapping coastlines frequently is very crucial. The administrative and commercial centre of Kiribati is on south Tarawa atoll and located in Betio (port and government departments), Bairiki (seat of Government) , Bikenibeu (main hospital/nurses training school, principal secondary school and somegovernment departments) and Bonriki (international airport). The coastline and beaches of south Tarawa atoll are being modified by erosion and accretion. Tarawa, in common with many other atolls has a long coastline per unit area of land and since land areasare in short supply, even small changes in the coastline may be of considerable significance

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