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Nauru Wind Resource Mapping

  • Nauru’s wind resource is not well known although, based on airport and National Aeronautics and Space Administration wind data, it is probably only marginally cost-effective at present fuel prices.
  • Data collection, funded by PIGGAREP and the EU indicates an annual average wind resource of 4.22 m/s at 30 metres (about 4.7  m/s if extrapolated to 50  metres) for 2009–2011. These figures are at the low end of practicality for wind energy generation. A resource assessment using a more suitable pipe-type guyed tower is planned to determine the appropriateness of further development, and to confirm the quality of the data already collected from the telecommunications tower. Source: IRENA Country Lighthouse Report.
  • Attached in this record are the following:

  1. SPREP supported wind resource assessment report
  2. Duty travel report by a PIGGAREP seconded wind expert
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