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20 January 2023 | dataset

Palau Population and Housing Census 2020

The Population and Housing Census 2020 was the 9th census carried out in Palau since 1980. The Population and Housing Census is a vast and complex undertaking. It is certainly the largest statistical exercise we can contemplate, touching, as it does, every individual and household in the Kingdom. The result of the census has an important role in producing official statistics for Palau and providing fundamental information for measuring SDG indicators.
This census will provide up-to-date information regarding the size, distribution, and structure of the Palau population as well as other social and economic information.
Periodic national population and housing census are critical to countries' development policy and planning efforts, in that they represent from most countries' only national snapshot of its social, demographic, and economic conditions, as well as information on recent developments in these areas, that impact on the overall well-being of its population.
Population Census provides us with the opportunity to get an accurate, comprehensive and consistent picture of the country's population. The results are invaluable for policy formation, planning and effective targeting of resources. It provides the only source of directly comparable statistics both for small areas and different population groups. It is used as a reference base for many statistical series such as population profiles, infographics and detailed demographic analysis; population estimates, projections and sample survey frame.
The census date was midnight the Monday 13th of April 2020, the 30th of November 2021, everyone in Tonga was counted, so that leaves no one behind through the census. The report comprises detailed statistical tables to facilitate users carrying out more comprehensive studies and further analyses.
The Census 2020 was conducted under challenging conditions with the evolving COVID - 19 situation and the significant disruptions of the Volcanic Eruption. The success of the 2020 Palau Population and Housing Census was made possible with by all participating households who had given their full support and co-operation to the Census. Also the continuous commitment of the all the staff of Tonga Statistics Department.

Version 01: cleaned, labelled and de-identified version of the Master file.

-HOUSEHOLD: Housing; Household assets; Agriculture and fishing.
-INDIVIDUAL: Demographic information - origins; Education; Migration; Language; Health; Fertility and mortality; Labour force.

* Collection start: 2020
* Collection end: 2020

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