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27 January 2020 | dataset

Tokelau Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2015-2016

Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) collects a wealth of information on HH income and expenditure, such as source of income by industry, HH expenditure on goods and services, and income and expenditure associated with subsistence production and consumption. In addition to this, HIES collects information on sectoral and thematic areas, such as education, health, labour force, primary activities, transport, information and communication, transfers and remittances, food expenditure (as a proxy for HH food consumption and nutrition analysis), and gender.

The Pacific Islands regionally standardized HIES instruments and procedures were adopted by the Government of Tokelau for the 2015/16 Tokelau HIES. These standards were designed to feed high-quality data to HIES data end users for:

1. deriving expenditure weights and other useful data for the revision of the consumer price index;
2. supplementing the data available for use in compiling official estimates of various components in the System of National Accounts;
3. supplementing the data available for production of the balance of payments; and
4. gathering information on poverty lines and the incidence of poverty in Tokelau.

The data allow for the production of useful indicators and information on the sectors covered in the survey, including providing data to inform indicators under the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This report, the above listed outputs, and any thematic analyses of HIES data, collectively provide information to assist with social and economic planning and policy formation.

Version 01: Anonymized version of the Master file: datasets cleaned, labels added, direct identifiers removed from the original dataset and variables recoded in order to reduce risk of disclosure.

-HOUSEHOLD: what did your household buy today (food and non-food items)?, overflow sheet for items bought this week, payments for services made today, overflow sheet for services paid for this week, gambling done today, overflow sheet for items received for free this week, food, non-food and services received for free, overflow sheet for home-produced items consumed / sold / given away, home-produced items - by whom were they used today, housing characteristics, household services expenditure, housing tenure expenditure, cash contributions to special occasions, utilities and communication, provision of financial support, land and home, loans, household goods and assets, household asset insurance and taxes, vehicles and accessories, personal insurance, private travel details (international), electrical household goods' power consumption.

-INDIVIDUAL: household listing, educational status, demographic profile, communication status, activities last week (labour force status), household members who left the household, education, communication, health, luxury items, clothing, alcohol & tobacco, wages and salary, handicraft activities, agricultural and forestry activities, income from non-subsistence business, fishing, gathering and hunting activities, property income, transfer income and other receipts, livestock and aquaculture activities, remittances and other cash gifts.

* Collection start: 2015
* Collection end: 2016

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