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24 June 2022 | dataset

Tonga, Deepsea Minerals Survey (Atlas & Report)

The Cooperative Study project on the Deepsea Mineral Resources in the Sea Area of the Kingdom of Tonga. This first year survey was carried out in the sea area within the exclusive economic zone of the Kingdom of Tonga, which is located in the middle east of the Lau Basin and has an area of about 36,000 km2.
Principal works of the survey include, bathymetric surveying, carried out at 10 knots by using GPS and MBES ,Magnetic surveys, sampling for the baseline geochemical survey,continuous deepsea observation, bathymetric mapping and acoustic reflection imaging to identify the precise topography and distribution of bottom sediments, and sampling of rocks and sediments.The purpose of the survey is to assess the potential of hydrothermal submarine ore deposits, in the sea
areas of the Kingdom of Tonga, one of the SOPAC member countries.SURVEY AREA: Point No. Latitude Longitude 1) 19°20’S 176°30’W 2) 19°30’S 175°25’W 3) 22°10’S 175°50’W 4) 22°00’S 176°55’WThe survey area locates in the middle to eastern part of Lau Basin in the west of the Tonga Islands, which array in NNE­SSW direction in about 3,000km east of Australia, lying from 15°S to 24°S in latitude.

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