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24 October 2019 | dataset

Tonga Labour Force Survey 2018

The scope of the study includes:

-Household composition and individual characteristics of household members
-Literacy and education (age 3+)
-Training within the last 12 months (outside of the general eucation system)
-Employment main characteristics (10 years and older)
-Agriculture work
-Temporary absence
-Market activity
-Characteristics of the main paid job/business activity
-Characteristics of the second paid job/business activity
-Working time
-Job search
-Previous work experience
-Occupational injuries within the last 12 months
-Main activity
-Own use production work
-Food insecurity experiences (FIES) for Households only module

Field Value
Publisher Pacific Data Hub
Modified 10 May 2022
Release Date 24 October 2019
Source URL
Identifier SPC_TON_2018_LFS_v01_M
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Array
Relevant Countries Tonga
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Array