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06 March 2020 | dataset

Tuvalu Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2010

The main purpose of a Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) was to present high quality and representative national household data on income and expenditure in order to update Consumer Price Index (CPI), improve statistics on National Accounts and measure poverty within the country.

The main objectives of this survey
- update the weight of each expenditure item (from COICOP) and obtain weights for the revision of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Funafuti
- provide data on the household sectors contribution to the National Accounts
- design the structure of consumption for food secutiry
- To provide information on the nature and distribution of household income, expenditure and food consumption patterns household living standard useful for planning purposes
- To provide information on economic activity of men and women to study gender issues
- To generate the income distribution for poverty analysis

The 2010 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) is the third HIES that was conducted by the Central Statistics Division since Tuvalu gained political independence in 1978.

This survey deals mostly with expenditure and income on the cash side and non cash side (gift, home production). Moreover, a lot of information are collected:

at a household level:
- goods possession
- description of the dwelling
- water tank capacity
- fruits and vegetables in the garden
- livestock

at an individual level:
- education level
- employment
- health

Version 01: Cleaned, labelled and anonymized version of the Master file.

- composition of the household and demographic profile of each members
- dwelling information
- dwelling expenditure
- transport expenditure
- education expenditure
- health expenditure
- land and property expenditure
- household furnishing
- home appliances
- cultural and social payments
- holydays/travel costs
- Loans and saving
- clothing
- other major expenditure items
- income

- health and education
- labor force (individual aged 15 and above)
- employment activity and income (individu aged 15 and above)
- income

* Collection start: 2010
* Collection end: 2010

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