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22 December 2019 | dataset

Vanuatu Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2010

The 2010 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) is the second survey of income and expenditure in Vanuatu to provide reliable sub-national estimates, with the 2006 HIES being the first time this was attempted. The first HIES was conducted in 1985 in the two urban centres of Luganville and Port Vila. Another was conducted in 1998 but unfortunately, for a number of reasons to do with errors of estimation and observation, the 1998 HIES did not provide reliable and accurate estimates. With the lessons learnt from past experience, the main objectives for the 2010 survey were to:
- Supply monitoring data needed for the then Millennium Challenge Account, Vanuatu (MCA) infrastructure projects;
- Supplement the data available for use in compiling official estimates of household accounts in the system of national accounts and subsequent estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP);
- Obtain expenditure weights and other data for the updating of the basket of items and weights used in the Consumer Price Index (CPI);
- Provide data for assessing the impact on household living conditions of existing and proposed economic and social policies and programmes, particularly those resulting in changes in the structure of household expenditure and consumption; and
- Gather information on key poverty indicators and statistics for poverty analysis.

Version 01: Cleaned, labelled and anonymized version of the Master file.

-HOUSEHOLD: Dwelling characteristics, Health facilities and sanitation, Transport and Communications, Access to market centres, Expenditure, Income and Production.
-INDIVIDUAL: Individual characteristics, Health, Education, Economic activity, Mobile phone ownership.

* Collection start: 2010
* Collection end: 2011

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