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21 December 2021 | dataset

Why boys drop out of school in Kiribati – snapshot

This factsheet identifies factors the factors that encourage and discourage boys from staying in school.

‘Push’ factors include: • Embarrassment of shame.

- Family issues.

- School punishment.

- Culture norms and practices.

- Peer pressure and personal issues.

- A desire by some boys to make money.

- Limited accessibility.

‘Pull’ factors include:

- Opportunities to participate in fun activities.

- Family support.

- Encouragement from friends.

- Positive teacher attitudes.

- Proactive classroom management.

- Community outreach and follow up on non-attendees.

- Nutrition interventions.

- Instilling long-term visions to motivate attendance

Data and Resource

Snapshot Why Boys Dropout of School.

This factsheet draws on a study undertaken in…

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