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 Climate Change Directorate

State of Coral Reef Ecosystems in Indo-pacific, Pacific also including Namdrik Atoll Coral-Reef

 Climate Change Directorate

Jaluit Atoll Ramsar Information Sheet, 2003.

 Climate Change Directorate

Anthropological Survey of Jaluit Atoll: Terrestrial and Underwater Reconnaissance Surveys and Oral History Recordings 1999

 Climate Change Directorate

Bikini Atoll Coral Biodiversity and World Heritage List

 Climate Change Directorate

An academic study on the geomorphic adjustment of Nadikdik Atoll based on the comparison of aerial photographs taken in 1945 and modern satellite imagery, after the devastating typhoon that over-washed and destroyed the atoll in 1905. This study has significant implications for the geomorphic understanding of reef islands, revealing magnitudes of island change not previously recognized.

 Marshall Islands National Nuclear Commission

Republic of the Marshall Islands national strategy for coordinated action to achieve nuclear justice. The strategy is comprised of 5 pillars; Compensation, Health, Environment, National Capacity, and Education.

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

This report presents the outcomes of a Whole-of-Island Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (WoI-IVA) conducted on Abaiang Atoll in Kiribati in September 2013. The report assesses the socio-ecological context of Abaiang Atoll in relation to climate change and disaster risks, and examines the capacity of the atoll community to reduce risks and adapt to the impact of environmental change.

 National Museum of Natural History

Caroline Atoll (Frontispiece) is situated at 10°00'S latitude and 150°13'W longitude in the south-central Pacific Ocean. Caroline is the southeasternmost of the Southern Line Islands, a group of 3 islands which also includes Vostok and Flint, lying 230 km to its west and southwest, respectively. Although archaeologically and geographically within Polynesia, Caroline is owned by the Republic of Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands).

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