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 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Photos from the meeting....

 Department of Environment,  Tuvalu

Tuvalu-related publications on Pacific Environment Information Network (PEIN)
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 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Resources for the SPREP Inform workshop in Samoa

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

UNEP Regional Seas Ports and Studies No. 136.
SPREP Reports and Studies No. 49.
UNEP 1991

The participants of the Inform South-South Collaboration workshop in Apia, Samoa

 Nauru Department of Commerce,  Industry and Environment

The guidelines for the design of conjunctive water supply systems to improve resilience to drought in Nauru have been developed as part of the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) demonstration project initiative. The PACC project involves 14 pacific countries and is aimed at building resilience to impacts of climate change in the key vulnerable socio-economic sectors. In Nauru, drought has been identified has one of the most threatening impact that could result from change in climate patterns.

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Atmosphere and Climate Physical Climate Cook Islands consists of data on local knowledge on climate variability, energy in Cook Islands and Review of mainstreaming of climate change into national plans and policies in Cook Islands