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 Department of Environment,  Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM),  FSM

This report documents the diversity of terrestrial plants and animals within the FSM that varies from east to west due to differences in climate (particularly rainfall), geology, topography and geographical isolation.

 Department of Environment,  Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM),  FSM

Using the 3 sea level rise projection scenarios of 2030, 2055 & 2090 in a geospatial modeling analysis, the vegetation and land cover classes vulnerabilities due increase of sea level were assessed and reported, for the 4 states of the FSM. Only the main islands of the 4 states were assessed due to missing DEM of the outer islands.


 Department of Environment,  Tuvalu

Presenting the estimated areas of different land use/land cover types present in Tuvalu. This data was presented in both the 4th and 5th national reports to the CBD.