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 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

The development history of PNG

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-Population: Population's relationship, marital status, religion, residence, origins, education, work status, location of workplace, number of days / hours worked, distance from work, satisfaction at work, migration and income.
-Households: Living quarters conditions, water & electricity & lighting & toilet access and household durable.

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 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

Statistical records relating to the monetary measures of Solomon Islands total economic activities from the year 2007 - 2014 . The table shows that approximately 43% of GDP was derived a) agriculture forestry and fisheries and b) industry (including mining, water etc). Although the contribution of these sectors has decreased slightly since 2007 (43%), this shows the continuing importance of natural resources / ecosystem services in economic development. There is also potential future development in these sectors, for example in the field of offshore mining.

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Occupation (ISCO-08) and Industry (ISIC-Rev 4) for people in employment (aged 15+) disaggregated by International Standard Education Classification (ISCED) level. The ISCO and ISIC catergories are expressed as "Major" (1-digit).
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 Pacific Data Hub

The 2010-2011 Survey on Employment and Unemployment is intended to be part of a regular on-going exercise to obtain comprehensive national data on employment and unemployment that is not normally obtained through the Bureau's Annual Employment Survey, which tends to focus on formal sector employment.

The survey contains information on employment, unemployment, under-employment conditions, urban/rural disaggregation of employment, gender disaggregation, and other social disaggretation like ethnicity, age, industries and occupations.