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 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

This report provides a comprehensive overview of Wallis and Futuna’s biodiversity, conservation framework
and wetland fauna and flora.

*could be used for the regional SOE initiative*

 Vanuatu Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation

The taxonomy, distribution, or natural history of comatulid crinoids (featherstars) in Vanuatu. The primary purpose of this study was to collect a target group of these crinoids to be used in molecular phylogenetic studies to assess their taxonomic status. The intended outcome of this study was to review species-level taxonomy and subsequently create an internet guide to all.

 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

Excel file with multiple worksheets and graphs summarising the status and threats to IUNC red-listed flora and fauna in the Solomon Islands. Accessed from IUCN red list October 2018.

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Biodiversity Survey

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Large numbers of birds, including more than 68 000 wild-caught and reportedly captive-bred CITES-listed individuals, were imported from the Solomon Islands in the 2000s. The vast majority were imported by Malaysia and Singapore and often re-exported, particularly in the case of Singapore. In terms of species composition, there were a few species native to the Solomon Islands, however the majority (77%) were non-native species from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. 13 736 individuals of these non-native species were exported as “captive-bred”.