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 Department of Environment,  Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM),  FSM

This dataset hosts all related documents pertaining to solid waste management in FSM;

1. FSM National Solid Waste Management Strategy 2015-2020.
2. "Good Practices booklets 2015 / 2016 that focus on the progress and challenges demonstrated by each of the four states in relation to the five components of the J-PRISM project. These five components are a) Policy, b) Awareness, c) Landfill Management, d)Collection and Disposal, and e) Recycling.
3. List of existing policies and legislations for solid waste management

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

This dataset contains the raw data collected for the Kiribati waste audit undertaken by APWC conducted on South Tarawa, Abaiang and Maiana funded by the World Bank


 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

This strategy covers solid waste issues in Kiribati including medical wastes, industrial wastes, electronic wastes, and disaster residues as well as domestic wastes