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 Pacific Data Hub

Data table on existing Tonga Outer Islands Solar Electrification Installations and Project Sites as of September 2013. Data table extracted from the report "Tonga Outer Islands Solar Electrification in Tonga: A Case Study". The dataset captures:

  • Project site
  • Year of installation
  • Source of funds
  • System type (mostly solar home systems - SHS)
  • Quantity
  • Module (Wp)
  • No. of panels & 
  • Total Wp.
 Department of Environment,  Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM),  FSM

The primary objective of this thesis is to investigate the reliability of water supplies for four atoll islands in Yap, Micronesia and examine how the reliability changes during drought and future precipitation patterns. The islands studied for this thesis include Eauripik (Eauripik Atoll), Falalop (Ulithi Atoll), Ifalik (Ifalik Atoll), and Satawal (a reef island). This study also aims to give water resource managers information and comprehensive tools to improve management of rainwater and groundwater resources.

 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Pohnpei State,  FSM

Water quality and sanitation

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Graphs and tables quantifying the distribution of livestock and seedlings to the outer islands through the Livestock Project and Horticulture Project by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce and the Taiwan Technical Mission.