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 Cook Islands National Environment Service

This report covers the Cook Islands component of a survey of the regional distribution and status of asbestos-contaminated construction materials, and best practice options for its management, in selected Pacific island communities. The objectives of the survey are summarised as follows:
 To assess the status of, and management options for, asbestos throughout the Pacific region; and
 To develop recommendations for future management interventions, including a prioritised list of target locations.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the Pacific Community (SPC) are demonstrating leadership and the true spirit of collaboration by entering into a partnership that will benefit Pacific island countries through two online data tools, the Pacific Environment Portal (PEP) and the Pacific Data Hub (PDH).
The agreement was officially signed by SPREP Director General, Mr Kosi Latu, and SPC Director General, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, in Noumea recently.

Inform: Helping to strengthen governance and decision making through addressing gaps in environmental data across the Pacific region.

Short, quick pops of information to help enhance your speeches, media interviews and soundbites, presentations and general message sharing when it comes work done by Pacific islands with support from the Inform Project on environmental data use in the Pacific.

 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

EIS and related documents

 Nauru Department of Commerce,  Industry and Environment

Map of the Nauru Island hydrology feature, Buada Lagoon and areas of land development.

 Solomon Islands Environment and Conservation Division

ESIA for Propose Pacific Nickel Mining Ltd at Kolosori, Isabel

 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

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 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

The impacts of human-induced environmental change that characterize the Anthropocene are not felt equally across the globe. In the tropics, the potential for the sudden collapse of ecosystems in response to multiple interacting pressures has been of increasing concern in ecological and conservation research. The tropical ecosystems of Papua New Guinea are areas of diverse rainforest flora and fauna, inhabited by human populations that are equally diverse, both culturally and linguistically.


This dataset contains all spatial data that is related to the Tonga volcanic eruption. Maps produced are derived from credible data source such as UNOSTAT and UNITAR.


Impact Map


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