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 Department of Environment,  Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM),  FSM

This dataset is for the climate change awareness campaign. Contents are the video clips for awareness

 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

Maps, reports, pictures, spreadsheet, charts of Eco-bag in Solomon Islands 2014

 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

This report provides an analysis and assessment of legislation, policies, strategies and plans relevant to management and use of the Solomon Islands oceans and will contribute to the development of both the oceans policy and plan.

 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

The Solomon Islands National Waste Management and Pollution Control Strategy 2017-2026 is the country's roadmap for managing waste and controlling pollution in the natural environment for the next 10 years with the vision for clean, healthy and green happy isles. The strategy addresses 5 main waste streams: Solid Waste, Liquid Waste, Hazardous and Chemical Waste, Healthcare Waste and Electronic Waste.

 Department of Environment,  Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM),  FSM

A training report (2012) for a training that was intended to provide a platform where local participants can discuss, learn and share good practices about climate change, its effects, adaptations methods and the roles of participants in climate change awareness, education, communication and public access to information.

 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE),  Samoa

This study examines the current influence of climate change on Samoa by looking at the three tenets of vulnerability: exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity. It also analyzes how environmentally secure Samoa is and will be, using Thomas Homer Dixon’s theory on climate change and conflict. Finally, the paper seeks to outline the current system of adaptation awareness that exists between government, community and foreign aid
components, and propose future strategies.

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Ministry of Agriculture's entomologist, Mr. Mike Bowie, has sought to raise awareness on various insect species in the Cook Islands, including their features, size, and recommendations on pest control for some of the species. Hence, the release of the Bug of the Week.

Credit for these resources: Mike Bowie, Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture.

For more information, contact Ministry of Agriculture on +682 28711