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 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

This report provides a review of our knowledge of the bycatches, defined as
discarded dead, from the tropical tuna purse seine fisheries of the world. The major
fishing grounds involved (eastern and western Pacific, eastern Atlantic, and western
Indian Oceans) share the gear, the ways of fishing, and the structure of the pelagic
communities. Because of that, the species taken in association with tuna schools tend
to be the same in all regions.

 Solomon Islands Environment and Conservation Division

Reports, documents, briefs, studies, awareness materials and spreadsheets of whales and dolphins for Solomon Islands

 Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change,  Disaster Management and Meteorology

The ‘drive hunting’ of dolphins has a long history in the Solomon Islands, specifically at the island of Malaita. In 2010, the most active village, Fanalei, suspended hunting in exchange for financial compensation from an international non-governmental organization but resumed hunting again in early 2013. This dataset hosts a report on a visit to Fanalei in March 2013 to document the species and number of dolphins killed in the renewed hunting.

 Pacific Data Hub

Takekawa D. 2000. Hunting method and the ecological knowledge of dolphins among the Fanalei villagers of Malaita, Solomon Islands. SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin 12:3-11.

 Pacific Data Hub

Takekawa D. 2002. La méthode de chasse et la connaissance écologique des dauphins chez les habitants de Fanalei, Malaita (Îles Salomon). Ressources marines et traditions, Bulletin d'information de la CPS 12:3-11.

 Pacific Data Hub

Pacific Community. 2016. Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observers (PIRFO): whales, dolphins and sea birds ID cards for Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observers. Noumea, New Caledonia: Pacific Community. various pagings

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Dolphins and whales of Bismarch sea

 Government of Tuvalu

Tuvalu Statement at the Whale in a Changing Ocean Conference, Vava'u, Tonga

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