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 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Various training and reference materials from the ACPMEA and Inform Joint Regional Meeting held at SPREP 17-21 September 2018.

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The scope of the National Population Census includes personal information on individual characteristics, health, education, literacy, labor market and reproduction.

The scope of the Household module includes information on dwelling style, energy, goods present in the HH, technology, waste, tenure, income, remittances and mortality.

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The scope of the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) 2009 includes:
- HOUSEHOLD: Dwellings characteristics, household possessions, dwelling tenure, construction of dwellings, household bills, transport expenses, major consumer durables, education/research, medical & health, overseas travel, special events, subsistence activity sales, remittances, contributions to church/village/school.
- INDIVIDUAL: Individual characteristics, labor force, sources of income.

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The scope of the 2011 Tonga Census of Population and Housing includes:
- HOUSEHOLD: Household listing, dwelling characteristics, housing utilities, durable goods, information technology, income, remittances, and mortality.
- INDIVIDUAL: Personal characteristics, migration, disability, smoking habit, education, labour force and employment, voting eligibility, and fertility

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The scope of the Household Income and Expenditure Survey includes:

-INDIVIDUAL: Demographic Information, Labour Force Status, Education Status, Health Status, Communication Status, Household members who left the household

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The 2015 census covers all households and agricultural holdings as well as all villages in Tonga. Items covered include the

At the Household and Organizational level:

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Geographical ID
Dwelling Type
Household Roster
Population Characteristics
Functioning, Social Behaviour & Illness
Education, Languages And Literacy
Economic Activities Last Week
Fertility And Mortality
Communications And Internet
Agriculture And Fishing
GPS + Photo

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INDIVIDUAL: Socio demographic and behavioural information (tobacco use, alcohol consumption, diet and physical activity); Tobacco use; Alcohol consumption; Low intake of fruit and vegetables; Diet high in salt; Physical inactivity; Physical measurements such as height, weight and blood pressure; Obesity; Raised fasting blood glucose; High levels of fat in the blood; Medical history; Cervical cancer screening; Biochemical measurements were collected to assess salt intake, blood glucose and cholesterol; Health care; Access to services.

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The scope of the study includes:

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The scope of the study involves Disability. Various sections of the Questionnaire are listed below.

-Basic household characteristics of the private dwellings, including sanitation, water, electricity, households materials and household wealth;

-Basic demographic characteristics of individuals in a particular household dwelling, including age, sex, ethnicity, religion, marital status, educational attainment, and economic activity

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-HOUSEHOLD: Household characteristics; Household belongings; Communication; Agriculture; Social Transfers; Household Energy use; Food Insecurity Experiences; Water and sanitation; Handwashing; Salt iodisation.

-HOUSEHOLD MEMBER: Individual charateristics; Education.

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Data table on existing Tonga Outer Islands Solar Electrification Installations and Project Sites as of September 2013. Data table extracted from the report "Tonga Outer Islands Solar Electrification in Tonga: A Case Study". The dataset captures:

  • Project site
  • Year of installation
  • Source of funds
  • System type (mostly solar home systems - SHS)
  • Quantity
  • Module (Wp)
  • No. of panels & 
  • Total Wp.
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  • Wind assessment carried out on Tongatapu by the University of the South Pacific.
  • Forum for Energy and Development (FED) and the Government of Denmark supported a pre-feasibility study including a wind resource assessment for Tongapatu. Both of reports are attached below.
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This record captures 2012 -  2014 petroleum product imports for Tonga. Data is sourced from the 2012 -  2014 Tonga International Merchandise Trade Report. Selected petroleum product imports are extracted with the exception of bitumin, peat, gases excluding petroleum gas. types of petroleum fuel (diesel, petrol, jet fuel , avgas), gases, and lubricants. Products captured here are from Section 5 of the HS Code Manual - Mineral Products, Chapter 27, HS Codes : 2701, 2706 - 2713, 3403 (lubricants). 

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This record captures renewable energy projects in Tonga from 1991 - 2010 for solar and wind projects. Data is sourced from the Tonga Energy Planning Unit and was used for the Tonga INDC compilation. Dataset captures the photovoltaic (PV) utilization in Tonga in terms of PV capacity installed by:

  • Energy Planning Unit,
  • water pumping 
  • Private and other intiatives - hotels, business, home systems

Data is attached here as it was provided to SPC in 2015.

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Dataset captures the overall petroleum products imported into Tonga from 2007 - 2011. Products captured include all petroleum products i.e. diesel, motor spirit, kerosene, LPG, and Lubricants. Data is captured by date of entry, country of origin, description of the goods, unit, quantity and CIF value. Data is produced by the Tonga Customs Office with sensitive information removed. Data was provided by the Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Unit (TERM IU) Office. 2007 data set is lacking the description of the fuel, however data becomes more detailed with the recent years.

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This record captures a comparison of Tongas electricity tariff against diesel whole price for the period 2001 - 2014.  Electricity tariffs are captured on a quarterly and monthly period. Data was sourced from the Tonga Power Limited (TPL) via the Tonga Energy Roadmap - Implementation Unit (TERM IU, Feleti). Data is attached here as it was provided to SPC.

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This record captures the petroleum & gas wholesale price and retail price for Tonga from 2001 - 2012. Data source is the Tonga Competent Authority, provided to SPC by the Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Unit (TERM IU) in 2014. Data is attached here as it was provided to SPC. Dataset captures the prices for kerosene, LPG, distillate fuel and unleaded petrol.

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This record holds Tonga Power Limited (TPL) generation data from 2000 - 2014,. Data is sourced from the TPL, via the TERM IU Office (Feleti). Data captured include generation, losses, fuel consumed in generation, peak and minimum demand for the 4 grids in Tonga - Tongatapu, Vavau, Eua, Haapai.

 Department of Environment,  Tonga

The overall objectives of the mangroves survey is conservation of biodiversity by means of sustainable used of mangroves ecosystem and natural resources. In supporting the objectives two primary objectives need to be address;
1. Collecting baseline data on mangrove and associated ecosystem at Koloa and Holeva and other sites as time permits
2. To develop mangroves species zoning using QGIS application and software along with GPS and using the Pacific Mangrove Monitoring Manual as a field guide and methodology.