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 Government of Fiji
… Such a baseline is currently not available in the Fiji Islands. This investigation used affordable advanced and approved standard methods. … … Government of Fiji … baseline … biological parameters … toxicity … water …
 Asian Development Bank
… The Republic of the Fiji Islands (Fiji) has generally returned to normalcy after a period of … In 2001, the Government pledged to build a better Fiji. Eleven task forces, representing a wide cross-section …

In addition, the Leaders have also called for the implementation of the respective regional frameworks, regional strategies and or regional plans of actions (See Annex 1) in relation
to sectoral and cross sectoral themes, including on climate change and disaster (Initiatives 5.5 and 13.4), and energy (Initiative 5.4, and mitigation aspects of aspects of 5.5). These regional policies and frameworks of action guide the efforts of regional organisations and development partners in supporting member countries to address their respective national


1. Article 6 of the Convention on Biological Diversity/ requires each Party to develop or adapt national strategies, plans or programmes for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity and to integrate, as far as possible and as appropriate, the conservation and sustainable use of biological
diversity into relevant sectoral or cross-sectoral plans, programmes and policies.

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The Pacific region has benefited from a number of regional and national programmes to both assess the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and develop programmes to adapt to climate change. Such programmes are critical considering that the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1/ states that the Pacific region has already experienced temperature increases of as much as 1°C since 1910.


One of the recommendations emerging from the COP-8 (Decision XIII/8 [6]) promoted a series of regional and/or sub-regional workshops on capacity building for NBSAPs. These will
be held with the aim to discuss national experiences in implementing NBSAPs, the integration of biodiversity concerns into relevant sectors, obstacles, and ways and means
for overcoming these obstacles. It was recommended that these workshops be held (subject to the availability of funding) prior to COP-9, to provide an opportunity to directly support

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority
… For Papua New Guinea 19th-23rd October 1999 in Nadi, Fiji Islands. Collaboration between NDMO, PNG NWS and Water …