12 April 2019 | Data Story

Cool tool for Mobile Data Collection

Regional participants from Palau, FSM, Kiribati and Samoa attending the Inform data portal training at SPREP, learned a new tool on data collection using a mobile app, KoBoToolbox: a free and open data software for collecting and managing data in resource-constrained environments.

Participants learned how to download the app, built a data collection survey form, store the survey in the cloud, and then went on a data collection exercise (just here at SPREP grounds recording items from trash cans!). During the exercise they entered data on the form using their phones.

The survey form on the phone allowed the capture of many different data types: GPS coordinates, different types of litter, estimated volume of litter, a photo of the area, and more, the real advantage of the tool is accuracy of data. With no paper forms to fill in the normal data entry process after field work is removed from the workflow. Country participants were then able to review the data they had just collected from the field back at their work stations by logging on the to the KoBo collect site and learned how to do other cool things with the data including looking at data summaries, a map overview, export to a spreadsheet, make graphs and reports.

Participants expressed much appreciation of this new mobile data collection tool. The participants form Kiribati said they have a climate change survey coming up, and this tool will be explored for use. Palau colleagues similarly will introduce the tool to their co-workers who are planning surveys in the outer islands. The Samoa IT representative also expressed similar sentiments and will add the mobile data collection app as another service their division can offer to their ministry.

For more information on open data and the mobile data collection app, please visit the Help-page on the Inform Regional Data Portal: https://pacific-data.sprep.org/dataset/kobotoolbox