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Learn more about DKAN: getdkan.org

The Environmental Data Portal provides an easy way to find, access and reuse national data. Our main purpose is to provide easy access and safe storage for Environmental datasets to be used for monitoring, evaluating, and analysing environmental conditions and trends to support environmental planning, forecasting, and reporting requirements at all levels. We encourage you to use publicly available government data to analyse and develop tools and applications to benefit all citizens.

Additionally, there will be a regional portal that will automatically pull in data from national repositories. This provides back-up and redundancy for national repositories. The countries retain data ownership.

The database can be used to store and access any data type including tables (excel) documents (work and PDF), GIS files (.shp, .tab) and any other file type including non-environmental datasets.

List of country contacts, email contacts and website of national data portal:

Country Country Contact Email addresses URL
Cook Islands Joseph Brider joseph.brider at cookislands.gov.ck https://cookislands-data.sprep.org
FSM Cindy Ehems climate at mail.fm https://fsm-data.sprep.org
Fiji Senimili Balecakau* senimili.balecakau at govnet.gov.fj https://fiji-data.sprep.org
Kiribati Nenenteiti Teariki-Ruatu nenenteitit at environment.gov.ki https://kiribati-data.sprep.org
RMI Clarence Samuel clarencesam at gmail.com https://rmi-data.sprep.org
Nauru Bryan Star bryanstar007 at gmail.com https://nauru-data.sprep.org
Niue Haden Talagi, haden.talagi at mail.gov.nu https://niue-data.sprep.org
Palau Gwen Sisor gsisior07 at gmail.com https://palau-data.sprep.org
PNG Richard Balone richbalone at gmail.com https://png-data.sprep.org
Samoa Francis Brown fran.reupena at mnre.gov.ws h https://samoa-data.sprep.org
Solomon Is Rosemary Apa rosemaryapa at gmail.com https://solomonislands-data.sprep.org
Tonga Lupe Matoto lupe.matoto at gmail.com https://tonga-data.sprep.org
Tuvalu Lamese Saamu jzonester at gmail.com https://tuvalu-data.sprep.org
Vanuatu Rontextar Mogeror rmogeror at vanuatu.gov.vu https://vanuatu-data.sprep.org
Regional Paul Anderson paula at sprep.org https://pacific-data.sprep.org
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