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Inform Beats, Short, quick pops of information to help enhance your speeches and soundbites

Inform: Helping to strengthen governance and decision making through addressing gaps in environmental data across th

PNG landuse

PNG has a total of about 46.9 million hectare of which 77.8% is forested with 13 natural forest types and forest plan

Regional Inform Meeting 2019

The regional Inform project is holding a meeting this week to review progress towards building national and regional

Solomon Islands Forest Harvest Rates Show Worrying Trend

The Environment and Conservation Division (ECD) of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management a

New SPREP-SPC Partnership to Improve Pacific Data Management and Sharing

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the Pacific Community (SPC) are demonstrati

BIOPAMA and Inform Project – a partnership for improved reporting on Pacific Protected and Conserved Areas

Strengthening partnerships for the environment to help Pacific island countries better manage their natural resources

The Greening of the Pacific Games and Beyond

SPREP is leading the charge to make the Pacific Games in July go plastic free in an awareness and outreach initiative

Solomon Islands Waste Management Strategy Strategy Helps Address SDGs, MEAs, SAMOA Pathway for the Environment

Solomon Islands has a rich environment with diverse marine and terrestrial biodiversity which is increasingly threate

Mobile Data Collection

Interviews with participants who learned a new tool on mobile data collection using a mobile app, KoBoToolbox - a fre

Cool tool for Mobile Data Collection

Regional participants from Palau, FSM, Kiribati and Samoa attending the Inform data portal training at SPREP, learned