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03 June 2019 | dataset

Fiji Population and Housing Census 2007

The objectives of Census changed over time shifting from earlier years where they were essentially household registrations and counts, to now where a national population census stands supreme as the most valuable single source of statistical data for the Fiji.
Census data is now widely used to evaluate:
- The availability of basic household needs in key sectors, to identify disadvantaged areas and help set priorities for action
- Benefits of development programmes in particular areas, such as literacy, employment and family planning;
In addition, census data is useful to assess manpower resources, identify areas of social concern and for the improvement in the social and economic status of women by giving more information about this formerly “hidden half" of the Fiji Islands population and formulating housing policies and programmes and investment of development funds.
All censuses in Fiji so far have been conducted on a de-facto basis. The 2007 Census was also a de-facto census, but it included the above-mentioned de-jure element. This means that all persons present in the country at midnight 16 September have been included in the census. They have been enumerated at the place (household) where they spent census night, irrespective of their usual place of residence. However, the usual place of residence of all these persons on Census Night was also recorded.

This version is the edited and de-identified one of the Master file.

-Population: Population's relationship, marital status, religion, residence, origins, education, work status, women's characteristics (on children given birth to)
-Housing: Living quarters and its conditions, water and electricity access, sanitation, waste disposal, household durables and livestock & pets

* Collection start: 2007
* Collection end: 2007

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