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15 February 2022 | dataset

Fiji Wind Resource Monitoring Data

Eight sites in Fiji have been collecting long-term wind data with mast heights varying from 10 to 48 metres (m). Ideal wind energy measurements are made at a minimum of 30 m, although 50 m is preferred. Future wind measurement installations are to be all at 50 m. So far, measurements near the grid indicate that Fiji’s wind speeds offer marginal benefits for energy generation compared to the FEA’s historical generation costs. Some sites should be cost-effective for wind power installations given the FEA’s marginal costs for investments in new diesel generators. 

As the FDOE has gained experience with wind monitoring, installation of monitoring systems has become more consistent, with most instruments now being installed at the 30  m level and future measurements installations planed to be at 50 m. Some recent 30 m measurement sites away from the grid, notably at Nacamaki on Koro and Wainiaku on Taveuni, show better than 7  metres per second (m/s), which could favour community-scale mini-grid generation from wind turbines, although cyclone passages through the area could be a limiting factor. Promising sites near population centres could be economically feasible for larger wind projects.

Source: IRENA Lighthouse Country Report

We have the wind resource monitoring data for the following sites, but users need to seek approval from the Fiji Department of Energy ([email protected] ) in order to access it:

  1. Nabouwalu Fiji Meteorological Service from 1978 - 2002
  2. Gamu from 1994 - 1995
  3. Kavukavu from 2000 - 2002
  4. Korotogo from 1995 - 1998
  5. Suva from 2004 - 2005
  6. Tamuka from 1999 - 2003
  7. Vunatovau from 1994 - 1997
  8. Vunisea, Kadavu for 2000 
  9. Waibogi from 1995 - 1998
  10. Yaqara from 2002 - 2003
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