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24 June 2022 | dataset

Kiribati, Abarao, 1988, Air Photo Interpretation, Sheet 3, Geology Map

This record shows an Air Photo Interpretation of the geology and morphology of Abarao, Ambo, Taborio, Tangintebu, Eita, Bangantebure and Bikenibeu, in Kiribati. The map was produced as part of the CCOP/SOPAC Coastal Mapping Workshop that was held in Kiribati in 1988. 1968/69 and 1984 photo sets of Air photograph interpretation of South Tarawa, and the Southern part of North Tarawa was used. However, plotting of recent (July 1988) re-surveys of beach profiles on Betio and Bairiki and comparison with earlier surveys were made. The map was prepared by Mark Urvois who was doing Data Management at CCOP/SOPAC. There are four other adjoining sheets that accompany this copy. This is Sheet 3. A copy of the map can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate link under 'Online resources' with permission from the Secretariat.Establish beach shoreline profiling and monitoring
system. Prepare preliminary stabilization recommendations or assist with terms of reference to external agency or contractor. To assist member countries in the collection and assessment of data required to assist with the design and implementation of coastal development and engineering projects.The Workshop programme in addition to illustrated lectures included air photo interpretation of South Tarawa and the southern part of North Tarawa, plotting of beach profile data, and field mapping of an islet in North Tarawa. All data collected and compiled by the participants was incorporated where appropriate into the Kiribati Work Programme Project CCSP/KI.4: Baseline Studies of Inshore Areas in Kiribati for Coastal Development and Protection Programmes.

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Modified 24 June 2022
Release Date 24 June 2022
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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Array
Relevant Countries Kiribati
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