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24 June 1999 | dataset

Nauru, 1997, Maritime Boundaries, Dataset

This record holds, GIS layers that contains poly-lines and point features that represent the maritime boundaries of the Republic of Nauru. This includes a gazetted polyline representing the 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone over which Nauru has sovereign rights, for the purposes of exploring and exploiting, conserving and managing the natural resources of the seabed, subsoil and superjacent waters. Included here are point shapes representing the archipelagic straight baselines (base points) for the 3M Nauru territorial sea, 12M territorial sea, 24M contiguous zone . The Secretariat has updated these baselines against more recent and accurate information supplied by the SOPAC Division, Maritime boundary mapping and survey project team. The Pacific Islands Regional Maritime Boundaries data release contains the revised straight baselines as are currently proclaimed. These dataset was verified by the Secretariat in 2005.
This record also contains digital information about the treaties.
These baselines are held at the Secretariat on behalf of the Nauru Islands Government and can be downloaded from the appropriate link under the Distribution Info section.The Pacific Islands Regional Maritime Boundaries Project is assisting countries deal with the critical issue of delineation of their maritime boundaries with a focus on: * Providing maritime boundaries delimitation data and information for the member countries to assist in preparation of claims for delimitation of their EEZ; * Developing comprehensive data-sets which facilitate definition of the legal and administrative offshore limits for member countries, in accordance with the provisions of UNCLOS; * Building national capacity within member countries to undertake these assessments * Providing advice and assistance to member countries on relevant provisions of UNCLOS; * Acting as an information and data repository.

These GIS layers are a unique delineation of maritime boundaries of the different member Pacific Island countries. These baselines can be used for diverse purposes by government agencies, surveyors, environmentalist, mariners and other individuals. These applications include biogeography for the creation of species distribution lists per country, determination of legal catch area for fishing, marine transportation, determination of pollution and other environmental issues within a coastal state , regulate disturbance of sea floor activities, educational purposes and a variety of other applications.3M TERRITORIAL SEA BASEPOINT: In layer spatial reference system units : xMin,yMin 166.909,-0.555306 : xMax,yMax 166.96,-0.500111.EEZ ZONE - (In layer spatial reference system units) xMin,yMin 163.581,-3.90503 : xMax,yMax 167.868,2.69158.CONTIGUOUS ZONE xMin,yMin 166.509,-0.957278 : xMax,yMax 167.359,-0.098139.12M TERRITORIAL SEA ZONE : xMin,yMin 166.709,-0.756278 : xMax,yMax 167.16,-0.299167.

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Publisher Pacific Data Hub
Modified 24 June 2022
Release Date 24 June 1999
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Identifier 554d9e75-7598-45c4-aa2b-8c5e0852c21d
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Array
Relevant Countries Nauru
License Public
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