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19 August 2021 | dataset

Observations on invasive plant species in Micronesia

As requested by the Pacific Islands Committee, Council of Western State Foresters, we conducted a survey of selected Micronesian islands for invasive plant species. The objectives were three-fold: (1) To identify species on the islands that are presently causing problems: (2) to identify species that,
even though they are not presently a major problem, could spread to other islands where they are not present, potentially causing problems: and (3) to look for invasive species known to cause problems in ecosystems similar to the islands visited. This report is based 011 perceptions gained from a three- week trip from July 19 to August 6, 1998, to the islands of Saipan and Tinian (Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands): Peleliu, Babelthaup and Koror (Republic of Palau); Pohnpei and Yap (Federated States of Micronesia) and Guam.

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Publisher Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 19 August 2021
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Author Spaces, James C / Falanruw Marjorie
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