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05 November 2021 | dataset

Papua New Guinea Exclusive Economic Zone (200 Nautical Miles)

The National Seas Act 1977 states that delimitation of boundaries in relation to neighboring states, the offshore seas of the State extend to a distance of 200 miles seaward from the baselines and, unless otherwise specified, shall be deemed to comprise all the waters outside the baselines and within a line proclaimed for the purposes of this section by the Head of State, acting on advice, in the National Gazette.

Work is still in progress with UN DOALOS to arrange for publication of Regulations made under the Maritime Zone Act 2015 which contains the coordinates and describes PNG's rights and jurisdiction over its EEZ.…

Data and Resource

PNG EEZ (200NM) - Polygon (kml)

This kml contains the polygon that shows the…

PNG EEZ (200NM) - Polyline (shapefile)

This shapefile contains the polyline that…

PNG EEZ (200NM) - Polyline (kml)

This kml contains the polyline that shows the…

PNG EEZ (200NM) - Polygon (shapefile)

This shapefile contains the polygon that shows…

Field Value
Publisher Pacific Data Hub
Modified 18 July 2024
Release Date 05 November 2021
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Identifier 711db12f-2ac8-42f6-8aa5-f8ff3edbf0ca
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Array
Relevant Countries Papua New Guinea
License Public
[Open Data]
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