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07 January 2022 | dataset

PNG State of the Environment Report 2020

The 2020 State of Environment Report is the first for Papua New Guinea. It uses the Drivers, Pressures, State, Impact and Response (DPSIR) model of reporting, and aims to: • Identify the key drivers and pressures behind the changing environment in PNG; • Identify and document PNG’s environmental conditions through the best available information for eight key thematic areas: Atmosphere and Climate, Inland Waters, Land, Marine, Biodiversity, Culture and Heritage, and Built Environment; • Document the social, economic and environmental impacts that result from changes in the state of the environment; • Document current responses to address changes in the state of the environment that better protect and manage resources; and • Provide recommendations to address key challenges and build on existing strengths, which are linked to actions outlined by the National Environmental Management Strategy (NEMS). This report is comprised of three discussions: • Drivers and Pressures in Papua New Guinea: A summary of the main points in the Pressures and Drivers section of the report; • The State of Environment and Impacts on the Society, Economy and Environment: Key findings for each of the eight themes; and • Responses and Recommendations: Challenges in moving from Policy to Action: This presents key responses, opportunities, challenges and recommendations.

Field Value
Publisher Climate Change and Development Authority in PNG
Modified 06 March 2024
Release Date 07 January 2022
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Identifier 92c05cd8-7abd-4850-bb4a-53bba01023e8
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Papua New Guinea
Relevant Countries Papua New Guinea
License Private
[Open Data]
Contact Name biatus.bito
POD Theme Atmosphere and Climate, Biodiversity, Built Environment, Coastal and Marine, Culture and Heritage, Inland Waters, Land