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19 August 2021 | dataset

Social and economic baseline survey : Jenrok Village, Majuro / Ben Chutaro

Most of the homes are built with imported timber and concrete with roofs made out of corrugated tin. Most of the homes are of basic design with an average 2.2 rooms. Majority of the
homes surveyed appeared to be in very poor condition. About half the households have common household appliances, such as fans, refrigerators, kerosene stoves and radios, but it is not
indicative of affluence. Many still continue to cook outdoors using fire pits and wash clothes in basins.

IWP-Pacific Technical Report (International Waters Project) no.15

Call Number: 333.715'09683 CHU (EL)

ISBN/ISSN: 982-04-0283-2

Physical Description: 50 p. ; 29 cm

Data and Resource

Field Value
Publisher International Waters Programme (International Waters Programme (IWP)), Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
Modified 27 August 2021
Release Date 19 August 2021
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Identifier VL-29548
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location SPREP LIBRARY
Relevant Countries
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Chutaro, Ben
Contact Name SPREP Records and Archives Officer
Contact Email [email protected]