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19 August 2021 | dataset

Systematics and ecology of the land crabs (Decapoda: Coenobitidae, Grapsidae and Gecarcinidae) of the Tokelau Islands, Central Pacific

The Tokelau Islands consist of three atolls (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo) approximately 500 km north of Western Samoa. Their numerous islets are formed mainly of coral sand and rubble with no standing freshwater. Sixty-one plant species have been recorded, 13 of these being introduced and 10 being adventives. There are three vegetation zones, the beach, the beach-crest, and the interior coconut/fern zone with the physiognomy of a humid tropical forest. Marine invertebrates have not been studied. One hundred and fifty insect species in 83 families have been recorded with most being widely distributed South
Pacific species including several introduced agricultural pests, e.g. Rhinoceros Beetle. Some marine fishes have been listed and 7 species of lizards are known from the group. Twenty-six bird species (15 sea birds, 8 shore birds and 3 land birds) are known but none are endemic races. Domestic pigs, cats, man and the Polynesian Rat (Rattus exulans) are the only mammals. R. exulans is an economic pest as it causes considerable damage to the coconut crop and assists in the spread of filariasis.

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