01 November 2018 | Data Dashboard

Help & Support

This Dashboard gives an overview of all the help and support documents the Inform project has created. From manuals and video instructions, to license agreement templates, interesting presentations and software (and a lot more!). You can find all links to it here.

Data Portal Manuals

Download the full data portal manual with all the essential info to get started. It includes FAQ's, Tips & Tricks, Good Practices and much more.

Mobile Data Collection

All info on Mobile Data Collection and KoboToolbox can be found here: https://pacific-data.sprep.org/dataset/kobotoolbox

Data Portal License Agreements

All license agreements for private, public and shared data can be found here: https://pacific-data.sprep.org/dataset/data-portal-license-agreements. These are templates for you to change according to your needs.


Looking for more info on MEA's? Then consult "InforMEA", the United Nations Information Portal on Multilateral Environmental Agreements. https://pacific-data.sprep.org/dataset/informea-united-nations-informati...


Want to create a map, open a GIS file or do spatial analysis? QGIS is a Free and Open Source Geographic Information System that allows you to do that. The Pacific Environment Portal shows you how to get started: https://pacific-data.sprep.org/dataset/qgis

Inform YouTube playlist

Watch all the data portal instruction videos on the Inform YouTube playlist! The videos can also be downloaded here: https://pacific-data.sprep.org/dataset/video-instructions-data-portal

ACPMEA and Inform Joint Regional Meeting 2018

The ACPMEA and Inform projects held a Joint Regional Meeting at SPREP from 17-21 September 2018. All training and reference materials from this meeting can be found here: https://pacific-data.sprep.org/dataset/acpmea-and-inform-joint-regional-....

Data for decision making workflow

Workflow showing the different steps from data collection, processing, validation to upload to the data portal. Including links to indicator development, reporting, communication products and informed decision making.
You are free to use this workflow to help explain and support data management and sharing.