[pacificdata.org](pacificdata.org) – the Pacific Data Hub – is the central repository of open data and knowledge products about the Pacific region. Anyone can access the public data on the Pacific Data Hub. You are encouraged to search, reuse and share the data on pacificdata.org.

The Pacific Data Hub holds a large and diverse collection of data, data insights, publications, and knowledge products on the Pacific across key sectors, including population statistics, fisheries, geoscience, agriculture, aquaculture, energy, education, human rights, climate change, and oceans, and it continues to grow.

While the intention is for the Pacific Data Hub to become a multi-stakeholder-owned and managed platform, it is currently a product of the Pacific Community (SPC), and as such is governed by SPC’s internal documents.

Let us know how you are using the data hub or if you wish to contribute to our data catalogue.

For more information, please contact the Pacific Data Hub Project Team at [email protected].