APWC Commercial Premises Interviews

Interviews conducted on commercial premises where waste was also collected.
• Date: date of the interview
• Premises_ID: unique premises identifier
• Premises_Type: type of premises
• additional_comments_photos/extra_comments: miscellaneous comments
• country: country of audits
• Who_collects_the_rubbish
• Collection_period: how often waste is collected
• Collection_rating: satisfaction with collection service, 1-5 scale
• Waste_disposal_general: how general waste is disposed of
• Waste_disposal_green: how green waste is disposed of
• Waste_disposal_green_other: extra details on green waste disposal
• Floor_space: size of premises
• Floor_space_units: units used to measure floor space
• Number_of_employees
• Number_of_Rooms
• Location_geo: latitude, longiture, altitude, precision

Additonal Information

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