Summarized data for Net Oil Imports and estimated ULO generated.

Used lubricants and oil assessed under seven broad waste generating sector were in the form of: industry and factory plant oil; industry engine, electrical, and other oils; marine lubes; transmission and gear oils; and vehicle and transport engine oils (Figure 4). From discussion with engineers, mechanics, and other experts on used lubricants and oil generation, it was possible that almost same amount of lubricating oils used would be generated and/or collected from machinery items per services. This therefore, concluded that the mean difference of 188,181,664.40 L suggested an estimated unrecorded or unnoted data provided on lubricating oils generated and/or collected over the four years period. Apparently, record and data entries on used lubricants and oil was not considered by most stakeholders from survey interviews (further discussions in Section 3.4, Responses on Environmental Requirements).

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