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21 July 2021 | dataset

Bycatch and non-tuna catch in the tropical purse seine fisheries of the world

This report provides a review of our knowledge of the bycatches, defined as
discarded dead, from the tropical tuna purse seine fisheries of the world. The major
fishing grounds involved (eastern and western Pacific, eastern Atlantic, and western
Indian Oceans) share the gear, the ways of fishing, and the structure of the pelagic
communities. Because of that, the species taken in association with tuna schools tend
to be the same in all regions.

Field Value
Publisher Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Modified 11 February 2022
Release Date 21 July 2021
Identifier 6e357c40-fc8a-484a-89a5-8a1603fef3ee
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Pacific Region
Relevant Countries Pacific Region
License Public
[Open Data]