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18 October 2023 | dataset

MIR Beach Cleanup Survey

Participants of the Enhancing Climate Information & Knowledge Services for Resilience were introduced to the KoboCollect tool thru the SPREP. After the participants had a firm grasp of the KoboCollect tool, a sample survey was conducted to get hands on experience of the KoboCollect tool.

Field Value
Publisher National Energy Office
Modified 19 October 2023
Release Date 18 October 2023
Source URL
Identifier 71dd2a10-7da3-48d5-bfab-7b97b7df8166
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Pacific Region, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Relevant Countries Pacific Region, Republic of the Marshall Islands
License Private
[Open Data]
Contact Name Kazutoyo Wase
Contact Email [email protected]
POD Theme Coastal and Marine