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23 June 2022 | dataset

Tonga, Niuafoou Island, 2003, High Resolution Bathymetry Survey Chart

This record holds the bathymetry chart of seabed around the island of Niuafoou. The chart is the result of the multibeam bathymetry survey that was undertaken by the Applied Geoscience and Technology Division (SOPAC) of SPC over a period of 5 weeks from 31 of January to the 01st of February 2004 in Niuafoou. The surveyed area extends from the coast to approximately 10 km offshore. Water depths within the surveyed area ranged from 10 to 1500 m offshore and between 0 to 7 m within the lagoon. Minimum water depths were measured near the coast on the outer slope of the fringing reef with depths becoming deeper in a general seaward direction at a mean slope angle of 25o towards the offshore limits of the survey area. Bathymetry survey was carried out using a Reson 8160 deep water MBES and a Echotrac Single beam echosounder. The magnetometer was deployed throughout the duration of the survey and the extent of seabed data indicates the area where magnetometer was collected. The resultant data was used to produce a bathymetry chart of Tongatapu at 1:25 000 and dataset in XYZ text file, available from a separate record.This work was initiated by the SOPAC/EU Reducing Vulnerability of Pacific ACP States Project (Task no.: NR 1.1.1). Bathymetry chart can be downloaded from this record under the Distribution Infor section with appropriate permission from the Secretariat.This bathymetric map gives a descriptive picture of the ocean bottom terrain, vividly revealing the size, shape and distribution of underwater features, and serve as the basic tool for scientific, engineering, marine geophysical and environmental studies, as well as marine and coastal resource management.

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Modified 23 June 2022
Release Date 23 June 2022
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Identifier d931ba95-da8b-4690-9b69-2e6c3ae01124
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Array
Relevant Countries Tonga
License Public
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