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09 April 2019 | dataset

Tonga Population and Housing Census 2011

The Census is the official count of population, dwellings and households in Tonga and it provides a ‘snapshot’ of the country at one specific point in time: 30th of November 2011. A Tonga census has been taken once in every ten years since 1956. However the population census of 2011 is the first population census by 5 year interval from the previous census in 2006 due to the Electoral Boundary Commission (EBC)'s request according to its Act 2010.

The census provides a unique source of detailed demographic, social and economic data relating the entire population and its most precious resource of its people. This information is used for policy making and planning, monitoring and evaluation, research and other decision-making.

The census is often the primary source of information such as used for allocation of public funding, especially in areas such as health, education and social policy. The main users of this information are the government, local authorities, education facilities (such as schools and tertiary organizations), businesses, community organizations and the public in general.

v01: Edited cleaned version of the Master file (after processing version). Labelling of values and variables done.

The scope of the 2011 Tonga Census of Population and Housing includes:
- HOUSEHOLD: Household listing, dwelling characteristics, housing utilities, durable goods, information technology, income, remittances, and mortality.
- INDIVIDUAL: Personal characteristics, migration, disability, smoking habit, education, labour force and employment, voting eligibility, and fertility

* Collection start: 2011
* Collection end: 2011

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