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28 October 2021 | dataset

Global Territorial Sea (12 Nautical Miles) - Forum Fisheries Agency

Global EEZ layer are the layers gathered from gazetted datasets that the Pacific Community (SPC) has received from the project countries. In areas where there are no gazetted datasets provisional layers are being sourced from the Global Marine Regions database (

There are two layers available, the .shp file layer and the .kml layer which are being used by partners and member states in particular FFA for the Regional Fisheries Surveillance Center (RFSC).

Data and Resource

Global Territorial Sea Sea Zone - 12 Nautical Miles (.shp file)

This shapefile shows the global 12 nautical…

Global Territorial Sea - 12 Nautical Miles (.kml file)

This kml file shows the global 12 nautical…

Field Value
Publisher Pacific Data Hub
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 28 October 2021
Source URL
Identifier a59b69b6-9f69-482a-a57b-6e55af87a802
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Regional
Relevant Countries Pacific Region
License Public
[Open Data]
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