CTI Marine Values Framework : PNG Implementation

In order to maintain marine and coastal ecosystem services, stakeholders an d decision-makers require spatial information to enable governance for sustainable development and management of natural resources and cultural heritage. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Resource Organisation (CSIRO) has developed a Marine and Coastal Values Framework that can be applied to natural resource, ecological and socio-cultural data to comprehensively value ecosystem features and cultural assets. This project is a part of the Australian Government’s commitment to the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI). CSIRO have applied spatial information collected in Papua New Guinea, New Britain Provinces to the framework and created the values database for this region, which includes the Bismark Sea “Seascape”. The information came from existing information and new data collected during the participatory workshops.
To date the database contains over 7,000 values records of natural resource, ecosystem structure and processes, ecosystem regulation and socio-cultural values attached to features from high mountain forests to deep offshore waters. From this map products and a GIS mapping tool have been developed. The database and the products from it has supported three (3) workshops run in New Britain by CSIRO and The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
The Database will be delivered as a standalone GIS package, including spatial layers suitable for uploading to existing centralised spatial data infrastructure within PNG National Government ministries. It will also be uploaded into the National Biodiversity Information System (NBIS) being implemented by the PNG Conservation & Environment Protection Authority (CEPA). CSIRO will also provide training on the maintenance and use of the database for ministry staff.

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