National Action Plan to Eliminate Child Labour in Papua New Guinea

The ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries works with the nine ILO member states in the region- Fiji, Kribati, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu- and also provides technical support to the other Pacific Island Countries. Since 2008, PNG has benefitted from the European Commission funded and ILO implemented child labour project called TACKLE (Tackling Child Labour through Education) implemented in 12 countries (including eight countries in Africa, two in the Caribbean and Fiji and Papua New Guinea in the Pacific). In the Pacific, the TACKLE project strengthened the capacity of the Fiji and PNG governments, social partners and civil society groups to implement policies and strategies to address child labour issues, including conducting research and structured technical training, implementing legislative reviews, coordinating resource sharing platforms, raising awareness and advocacy with tri-partite partners, establishing child labour inspections, and implementing direct actions with children in child labour, children at risk, families, schools and communities.

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