Nauru Technical Report Rainwater Harvesting: Asset condition survey of domestic infrastructure

This document is a record of an in-country technical survey mission to Nauru, completed from 13th February to 23rd February 2007 by the following SOPAC staff:
• Mr Stephen Booth (EDF8/9 Senior Advisor – Water);
• Ms Elizabeth Lomani-Whippy (EDF8/9 Project Intern);
• Ms Arieta Navatoga-Sokota (SOPAC Project Officer – Water); and
• Ms Vilisi Tokalauvere (EDF8 Fiji Country Intern).
The mission was undertaken as an integral part of the Key Result Area 2 (Water) contribution to the SOPAC EU EDF8/9 Project “Reducing Vulnerability of Pacific ACP States” with the objective of field surveying the current asset condition status of domestic and community rainwater harvesting infrastructure. Although a little over eight field survey days were achieved on-island, daily progress was compromised by various difficulties, particularly the limited availability of diesel fuel on-island which impacted both ease of transportation and availability of electricity and water. Despite these constraints, two field survey teams visited a total of 308 properties within the districts of Buada, Yaren, Meneng, Anibare and Ijuw, initiating a comprehensive database which can either be fully completed within the remaining island districts at a future date, or used with some confidence as a statistically representative sample for forward interpolation of “whole-of-island” conditions.
The field survey equipment utilised and approach methodology are described in detail in Section 3 of this report, whilst Section 4 presents and analyses the spatial data collected. Section 5 of the report considers current population dynamics and their impact on domestic water demand.
The SOPAC project team is particularly indebted to Mr Bryan Star, Director of Projects, Nauru Department of Commerce, Industry & Resources, and Ms Chitra Jeremiah and Ms Judith Solomon, both of Nauru Aid Management Unit, for in-country arrangements. The invaluable assistance with field survey work, on-site equipment security, and back-up administrative support provided by a variety of other staff within the following organisations is also gratefully acknowledged:–
• Nauru Lands & Survey;
• Nauru Environment Department;
• Nauru Rehabilitation Company; and
• Nauru Police Force.