Rat Eradication on the Island of Suwarrow 2015

Rat Eradication on the Island of Suwarrow 2015. The threat to Suwarrow seabirds was discovered when a rat infestation was documented on Motu Tou during a seabird survey in 2008. If left unchecked the risk of these rats invading the other islets remains as such the potential for severely degrading the Suwarrow National Park. This report highlights the major elements of controlling rats on the island of Suwarrow, using cereal bait pellets containing brodifacoum that provide the most probable eradication success. The control program was carried out by the National Environment Service, Te Ipukarea Society and BirdLife International. The operation took place between the 22nd of April and 29th of May 2013. After the operation monitoring and management of the site became the responsibility of the National Environment Service - Suwarrow Park Ranger.

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