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The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai massive undersea volcanic eruption occurred on the 15th of January 2022 and led to an induced tsunami event.  The eruption triggered a tsunami warning for several South Pacific island nations with rising water levels were reported on the coastline of Peru and the Pacific Coast in the United States and caused devastating impact across Tonga. In addition, volcanic ash residue was also visible on land surfaces including building structures and surrounding vegetation.

 Department of Environment,  Tuvalu

Jana Gheuens, Nidhi Nagabhatla and Edangodage Duminda Pradeep Perera 2019

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Data on climate change, disaster risk and risk management in the Pacific.

 Department of Environment,  Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM),  FSM

This dataset holds the following reports for the FSM Climate Change and Disaster Risk Finance Assessment:
1. FSM Climate Change and Disaster Risk Finance Assessment – Executive Summary – February 2019
2. FSM Climate Change and Disaster Risk Finance Assessment – Final Report – February 2019

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

The vision of the 9 year KJIP (Kiribati Joint Implementation Plan 2014-2023) is that; Kiribati unique culture, heritage and identity are upheld and safeguarded through enhanced resilience and sustainable development.

The goal is; to increase resilience through sustainable climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction using a whole of country approach.

 Vanuatu Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation

A report from a workshop that was aim to enable curriculum writers (formal and non formal) for K-6 to develop learning outcomes (including knowledge, skills and attitudes) on climate change and disaster risk reduction and options for mitigation and adaptation in Vanuatu (Agenda see Annex I)

 Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery

Cooperation among development partners is a key driver of development effectiveness to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The World Bank has recognized the importance of linking knowledge and expertise across the globe and identified the support and promotion of South-South and South-North partnerships and dialogue as a strategic priority within its knowledge and learning agenda. Over the past years, a number of initiatives have pioneered South-South cooperation.

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Atmosphere and Climate Physical Climate Cook Islands consists of data on local knowledge on climate variability, energy in Cook Islands and Review of mainstreaming of climate change into national plans and policies in Cook Islands