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 Climate Change Directorate

a recorded consumption of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

 Climate Change Directorate

harvesting fresh water using minimal urban technologies in Ailuk

 Climate Change Directorate

a record of typhoon occurrences in RMI from the 1970s - 1990s.

 Climate Change Directorate

A 1991 report that reviewed the state of the environment and development in RMI, and the constraints and opportunities for sustainable development.

 Climate Change Directorate

dataset with data pertaining to livestock (piglet) distribution by R&D for outer islands in the fiscal year 2014 - 2015. This data was analyzed in the current SOE

 Climate Change Directorate

The impacts of climate change and human activity are the main contributing factors to the declining production of food and food security. The Marshallese people have long been cultivating the land for food, medicinal and other traditional purposes. The Ministry of Resources and Development (R&D) has a
programme to restock livestock and food crops for national food security. Over 2,800 types of plants were distributed on most of the outer islands, as well as Majuro.

 Climate Change Directorate

Warming trends were evident in both annual and half year mean air temperatures since 1955 at Majuro. The frequency of warm days has increased. Data herein are records of the extreme minimum and extreme maximum daily and monthly temperature recorded for RMI from 1955 - 2014 that were further explained in page 47 of the SOE, 2016

 Climate Change Directorate

An academic study on the geomorphic adjustment of Nadikdik Atoll based on the comparison of aerial photographs taken in 1945 and modern satellite imagery, after the devastating typhoon that over-washed and destroyed the atoll in 1905. This study has significant implications for the geomorphic understanding of reef islands, revealing magnitudes of island change not previously recognized.

 Climate Change Directorate

This paper presents a case study of traditional and contemporary settlement patterns of Majuro, and discusses its vulnerability to storm surges. The paper shows that the application of traditional knowledge extends to the realm of urban planning and that, in fact, ignoring this traditional knowledge as expressed in preWorld War II settlement patterns, exposes urban development to increased flood hazards, a risk which may exact a price too high in life and property.

 Climate Change Directorate

This legal review has been written to provide an overview of the legal aspects of environmental management issues facing the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), steps that have been taken to tackle these issues and the weaknesses and gaps that remain.

 Ministry of Health and Human Services

RMI Ministry of Health & Human Services dengue fever daily surveillance update

 Climate Change Directorate

Awareness materials on GCF

 Ministry of Works Infrastructure and Utilities

Fixed Asset Register

 Climate Change Directorate

The official Local Early Action plan created by the Mejit Local Resource Committee and community members. This was done as a part of the community's implementation of the Reimaanlok process. The Local Early Action Plan identifies communities values resources, threats to those resources, and potential solutions and actions the community could implement to address those threats.

 Marshall Islands National Nuclear Commission

Republic of the Marshall Islands national strategy for coordinated action to achieve nuclear justice. The strategy is comprised of 5 pillars; Compensation, Health, Environment, National Capacity, and Education.

 Marshall Islands National Disaster Management Office (NDMO)

During the 2016 drought in the RMI, WASH cluster, under the Office of the Chief/National Disaster Management Office conducted assessments to analyze the impacts of the drought.

 Climate Change Directorate

The RMI NAP process commenced after the 2050 Climate Strategy for RMI was published in September 2018. The 2050 Climate Strategy dealt mainly with mitigation issues with emissions targets for the Nationally Determined Contributions but also called for the urgent development of a National Adaptation Plan to provide for a balanced dialogue on RMI priorities for mitigation activity for reducing emissions and adaptation activity for addressing the potentially critical impacts of climate change.

 National Energy Office

List of projects completed and are currently in the pipeline in the Energy Sector

 Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority (RMIEPA)

Data about community awareness activities